WDW Marathon 2013???

So for the past few weeks I have been struggling with the decision to do the WDW 20th annivesary full marathon. I feel the pull to do it; however it is going to take a commitment to train. Sarah from runningatdisney.com created an excel calendar from Jeff Galloway’s marathon training plan and training for the full would begin around June 18th. In the plan the miles are low in the beginning and build up. I have done the training for a half marathon during the beginning of this year so I have a base already built up. The longest mile runs take place in the fall so I don’t have to worry about running very long runs in the summer heat. So the decision is hinging on the fact that 26.2 miles is really far! When I ran today (just 4 miles) I felt concerned. How in the world did I just do 2 half marathons? I haven’t had the energy lately for my runs. Maybe it is the stress of life that I am tackling now that is taking away from my running energy. But I do want to come to a decision soon. Once I am committed that might change my overall look at the whole thing. I don’t know if anyone will be travelling with me because someone needs to watch the kids and the event is on a Sunday. I don’t mind going alone but it would be great to have someone to hug once I cross the finish line. Especially for such a huge milestone! I had a dream last night that I was running the full marathon. And last night I did tell Sarah that I needed to sleep on the decision. Does that mean the decision has been made for me??! Stay tuned.


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