3 weeks a few more long runs to go

On Friday I ran 10 miles. I want to do two long runs between now and the race. So that was the first one I can cross off my list. I ran a new route. I was ready for it, but I encountered a few bumps along the way. About a mile and a half into it I realized my sensor wasn’t tracking my distance. I had to stop my run and fix it. I wasn’t about to run 10 miles guessing how far in was going. I had an idea because I mapped the route ahead of time. After the fix I swore about it to my friend and moved on. I regrouped mentally and decided to shoot for a total time over the total distance. The final time was 1:52 and the distance was 10 miles.

In had my water belt filled and waiting with a gu near my mailbox. However I never made it back to my house to get it. After I ran Cooke road and did my library loop I ran towards my parents’ house. That was mile 6 or so and I was feeling thirsty. I called my mom and had my brother meet me with water. I finished the run on route 17 took a big drink of water at their house on the return trip and headed home. I felt great after the first hour. In fact I only felt good once I got to the hour. Why does it take and hour to feel in the groove. Once there it seems more comfortable. At about 1 hour 20 minutes I was running out of gas. That was about mile 8. In the beginning I had a gu around 50 minutes. I needed another one around mile 8. These are notes I am making for the race. The race will have Gus available at 6-8 miles. I will bring my own for the beginning and will have one of theirs at mile 8.

My plan next is to run a 2 hour 20 minute run next Tuesday. The begin tapering with lots of protein next week and carbs and tapering the week prior to the race.


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