Complex calf muscles

So since my long run, I have been struggling with shin splints and decisions. I knew in my gut that the source of my shin splint pain was due to the fact that I am flat footed and to fix that, I have orthotic inserts to wear in my shoes. Since starting to run outside I have stopped using those orthotics. After doing my research on medial shin splints I kept reading that the cure is orthotic inserts. I consulted with my chiropractor and we both agree to start wearing them on my short runs only. I took a walk the day after my 9.5 mile run for about 20 minutes with the orthotics in and hated them. However, I didn’t give up on them because I felt that I needed to give them time. On my short run on Monday I wore them with the inserts that come in the sneakers. They were ok, but having my foot a little higher in the shoe felt funny. For my next run on Wednesday I removed the insert that comes in my sneakers and just wore the orthotics with my thicker socks. I have to say that I do think it is helping. My shins hurt less and my calf muscles are sore. So I think this is because I am adjusting my muscles to adapt to the correct position that my arch should be in. The soreness in my calf muscle is not a pain like a ripping feeling, but more like a pain of being sore from use. I have 2 more runs before my 11 mile run next weekend so I will continue to use them and hope I can use them without issue on my long run as well.


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