Post 9.5 mile run status

I am having some pain from my long run yesterday. Nothing critical, but enough to write about to keep track of for the future. I have runner’s knee in both knees. It started the day of the run late in the afternoon. I did a few stretches on the roller last night and took some tylenol. During my sleep is when I was feeling the knee pain.

I have to do the roller this morning and really get rid of the waste in my muscles. My shins feel decent. I think the calf sleeves help and I am also going to check with my chiropractor about running with my orthotics in my shoes. I hestitate doing that for the long runs because I am worried that the seam where the orthotic sits in my sneaker is going to create a sore spot in my foot.

The callous area on my toe is a little tender. I have to research how to address blisters and callouses and socks to wear for the longer runs. So all in all, I feel ok, little aches here and there, but no show stoppers for my next long run in two weeks.


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