Running has become so much more to me than just exercise

It is as simple as that.

Running has become an activity that I crave. I think about it when I am not running, I think sbout it when I can’t sleep. I really enjoy it. At first I had to learn to like it. Now I can truly say that I love it. I have been running through all of the seasons and I love the time outdoors. I am so proud of what I have trained my body to do. I didn’t know I was capable of pushing myself to go as far as I have and now it doesn’t feel too much like pushing. It is s good push. I look forward to seeing how far i go. I heard in a podcast that anyone can run a marathon and indo believe that is true for me.

Being outdoors, smelling the air, seeing the change in seasons is therapeutic. I have a nice route that I run and see some people regularly walking or in their yards and we say hello. I love the time alone with myself.

My runs this week are much shorter according to the training plan. I miss the long runs but this is a good time for the shorter runs. My lower leg bones hurt so this is a time for healing and stretching to get stronger for my upcoming 9.5 mile run. I am looking forward to it.


One thought on “Running has become so much more to me than just exercise

  1. Nishant Hiremath

    Great post !!! As you said and experienced that it takes some time to start liking and after some it doesn’t feel like you are pushing yourself too heard. For this very reason i am doing my training very very slow to hit that break even point which i did after training for 10 weeks. Keep running, keep smiling and keep posting :).

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