Run summary – 8 miles

Yesterday I did my 8 mile run.  It took me 1 hours 29 minutes.  It was a beautiful morning, almost 40 degrees and sunny.  It had a feeling of spring to it.  I heard some birds and the sun felt warm.  I used mapmyrun to set my route, but when I was out there running I forgot specifically which route would get me to the 8 miles and I turned a little too soon on one of my roads.  I had to make it up on route 17 and some back roads.  I use my ipod to tell me my distance.  I used the walk/run method with a ratio of 4/1. 

For breakfast I had my oatmeal and skim milk about 1.5 hours before my run and some tea. It took me a while to wake up and get out there.  But mentally I was ready.  I wore my water belt with two bottles filled up this time.  It did feel heavy but I got used to it.  I also wore my calf sleeves again and they were fine.  I didn’t even notice I was wearing them.  At around 42 minutes I ate my vanilla bean gu and had some water during a walk break.  I think it did help because I still had another 45 minutes to run after that and I had the endurance.  Around mile 7.3 my legs were feeling heavy but I was close to the home stretch.  I think I have to do another week of 8 miles so that my legs will get used to the distance.  I also think I should have brought my stingers with me and chewed on a few to give me a little sugar blast for the last mile or 2. 

I had my ovaltine and a cold bath when I came home and wore my compression socks for the rest of the day.  I am wearing the compressions socks this morning as well just to help get me going.  I am pleased with my distance and look forward to my next long run.  While I was running and listening to a podcast from Jeff Galloway he said “you can run a marathon”.  I definitely feel that is true.  I CAN run a marathon.  Of course I have to train for it; but I do believe this is something that I will do in my near and not too far off future.


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