New gear

I am so excited.  I went to my local running store shore Sound Runner and bought some new gear.  Now that I am running longer distances I have to start carrying water and fuel with me.  I had the change to talk to Gretchen while I was there and she gave me advice on what fuel sources I should use and when.  I chose to go with the GU packets rather than some chewable items to see how I like them.  She also fitted me with a water belt and measured my calf for some calf sleeves.

I ended up getting the Nathan fuel belt and Zensah calf sleeves.






Now that my runs are longer, she gave me some good advice such as, bring some wipes in a zip lock bag in your pocket in case you have to duck out into the woods for any reason.  Also, take the gu at about mile 4 when running longer than 7 miles and take it every 45 minutes when running long.  She also had me get the Glide stick to avoid chaffing and said I should start using it at any point now despite the colder weather because the rubbing is caused by the longer distance, not the temperature.

When I came home from the store, I was also excited that my items I ordered came in.  I got a grid roller to help me the day after my long runs for stretching.  I used it last night and feel better today.  I also ordered a buff to wear around my neck to pull onto my face on those colder days when the wind blows towards me. 

So I think now I have everything I am going to need for my long runs and long races in my future!  Now I can’t wait to get out and run tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “New gear

  1. Excellent purchases!


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