Yuck snow!

I used to love snow and I still like it because the kids are so excited when they wake up to see it laid a white blanket on our lawn. But now when I see it I worry how long it will be on the side of the road and in the way for my next run. When I drive down the road I am checking out the bike lane to see if it is clearing and not icy for my next time out.

After my run yesterday my legs feel great. My only problem is my left knee because of the tight bands along my hips. I am working on stretching it out to reduce the runners knee pain. Besides that I am pleased with the recovery after my longest run to date. My leg that has issues feels fantastic and I think that is due to taking walk breaks and the cold bath afterwards.

I just saw the forecast and there is talk of some snow on Thursday and Saturday so I have no idea how and when I will get to run.  I am supposed to run Thursday and Sunday.


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