6 miles – a milestone DONE!

6.02 miles in 1 hour and 3 minutes in 27 degree weather.  As much as I was nervous about this distance, it wasn’t bad at all.  I felt good during it and could have kept going but I was running out of road.  I had to do a loop a few times in one area to add up some mileage.  Considering it was only 27 degrees out, I was comfortable.  I did wear a light scarf so that I could tie it across my face when facing the wind and also so I could breate in some warm moist air.  I had to do that a few times.  I did order a buff today to wear around my neck so that I can also cover my ears on cold days.  I did the 4 minute run/1 minute walk ratio with my timer.

So that was a big step in my process towards training for a half marathon.  When I got back I had my ovaltine and milk and took a 15 minute cold water bath to help my legs.  I feel good from the run.  I have my usual and of the day fatigue, but I am not totally whipped from the run today.  Next up on the agenda will be a 7 miler on Saturdy or Sunday, with a 30 minute/3 mile run at some time during the week.  I am hoping the weather stays dry so I can get it in.  Then I want to resume a 2 day a week – 30 minute run with my long run falling on the weekend because it is going longer than an hour so I can’t squeeze it on during a lunch hour.


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