Why I am blogging

I wanted to start a blog to keep track of my running distances, times, trends, apps I find useful, podcasts and other running accessories.  I also hope to use this blog to document my dreams and goals.

So far my average running time/distance/schedule has been Tuesday and Thursdays are usually a 3 to 3.3 mile run and a longer run on weekends.  The longest I have gone so far is 5 miles.  My average weekend run is between 4.3 and 4.5 miles. 

I don’t usually make yearly resolutions or goals, but this year I feel strongly about setting a goal to do a half marathon.  My ultimate running dream would be to run a half marathon in Disney World and perhaps do the WDW full marathon, but that’s real far on my radar.   I would also like to consider doing the Sound Runner series to earn a jacket at the end of the season but I am not sure I can adhere to the schedule and distances of those races.  I have to do some real thinking about the commitment.

I have been running listening to The Dis unplugged podcasts and WDW radio podcasts and have learned that I really enjoy listening to a podcast instead of music lately.

So far I ran 8 – 5k races in 2011:

  1. August 8 Potato and Corn festival – 35:58 minutes (hurt my back the day before, ran in the pouring rain).  I placed 75 out of 90 runners.

    After that back injury I had to take several weeks off to heal a leg injury from overtraining.  I was running several days a week most days in a row which gave my leg little time to recover. 

  2. September 17 – Wallingford YMCA race – 31:48 (This was the first cool weather race, it was about 60 degrees).
  3. September 20 – Miles for Smiles – no official timing  I think my time was 30:40.  It was a very very muggy hot day.
  4. October 2 – Southington Apple Harvest festival 32:13 (I was late and was the last one to leave the start line).  I placed 332/500 racers.
  5. October 9 – Autumn on the Sound West Haven – 29:38 (This day it was unusually hot – almost 80 degrees!)
  6. October 30 – Wicked Good 5K at Lighthouse Point – 29:52 (The day before this race we had a freak snow storm.  The weather on race day was 30 degrees with wind).  I place 20/51 for my age group and 145/260 total racers.
  7. November 24 – Branford Turkey Trot – 29:08
  8. December 11 – Christopher Martin Christmas Run – 28:26 (9:11/mile).  I placed 1119 out of 2138.

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